Thursday, July 7, 2022
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Corrupt ADANI ? Corrupt Regime ? 4.4$ Million Commission ?

By xNews Editor , in Expose , at June 19, 2022

The recent statement by M.M.C. Ferdinando at the parliament COPE hearing that the President of Sri Lanka was pressured by PM Modi has made waves even in international media and resurfaced the relationship between Modi and Adani. But in reality our question was the President pressured by another member of the family regarding the matters on ADANI.

According the a investigation carrying out by the Current Prime Minister’s office The CAMCI minutes show that it was the Prime Minister’s office who has given direction to recognize the investment as G2G.

The letter by Ferdinando to Mr. SR Atigala who was the Finance secretary at that time also states that he was directed by the Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa and then the President to proceed we with this investment as G2G. It is odd that the likes of Namal Rajapaksa has been copied on these letters, who was the previous Sports Minister and had no involvement with such investments. Also the newly appointed Cabinet minister for the Power and Energy is a close associate of the Former minister Namal Rajapaksa. It’s highly doubtful that all these new appointment were also made to mislead the people of Sri Lanka while. Rajapaksa Son’s can operate in shadows.

The Expression of Interest submitted by Adani was only for 400 MW in Mannar and Pooneryn so how come their cabinet approval is for 500 MW for something they did not submit under the EOI?

This move would cripple the renewable energy industry for all local investors and other foreign investors by sending the wrong signal about investing in Sri Lanka. If Large scale investment are getting approved through the political interference based on the personal relationships they have with these business tycoons and their International Political Influence.